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Kennels- Cattery and Store



My dogs have been boarded at the Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre on a number of occasions and I had previously used Lynda’s kennels in the Townsville area.   They get very excited as I pull into the Centre, are eager to get out of the car and come back home clean and happy.
I currently have Mabel, who is 10 and Polly, a 1 year old, and their different needs are catered for.  Mabel is given the space she needs to rest and some socialisation with quieter dogs while Polly has the chance to play and run around energetically all day.
I have used different kennels and also neighbours to care for my dogs previously however; have come to value the confidence and peace of mind in knowing my dogs are safe, secure and well cared for in my absences. I cannot recommend the Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre highly enough. 
Sharon Littlewood

Max & Angus consider Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre to be their second home. Whenever we go away whether it is for 2 nights or 2 weeks we are more than happy to leave them with Lynda & her team. They always come home spotlessly clean & well cared for. Lynda sends us photos of what they got up to on their holiday & they look happy playing with the other dogs. We would not hesitate in recommending Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre to anyone. They obviously have a great love for animals
Cameron & Marie Lyndon.

I would strongly recommend Brisbane Valley kennels.  I have had my boy boarded there a few times and would not want him to stay anywhere else I know the mad blonde Lynda looks after him like he is her own and on the photos it looks like he had a great time. We were afraid that he did not want to come home
Jan and Ineke Rouw (and Freddie the cocker spaniel).

"My two dogs have been to Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre for several extended visits and I couldn't be happier with the service and facilities! It is such a relief to know that they are in good hands when I'm away. Whenever I collect them the dogs are freshly washed, bright and healthy with holiday pictures of their own. Lynda pays great attention to all of the animals in her care and I have no hesitations in recommending her!"   Karen Kerr


I am so pleased that I know that you are there to care for my little mate Buddy (a 6  year old Shihtzu) when I need to go away. He enjoys going to his doggie retreat at Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre so much so that as soon as we get near the kennels he gets excited and is anxious to get inside. The care provided is exceptional.  You just get a feel from being there and talking to the business owners that they truly care about the animals that they look after. I laugh each time I bring him home as he just sleeps. and sleeps. One night I gave him dinner and he just went to sleep in front of his bowl. As he is my only dog it is good for him to be with other dogs and from the way he sleeps after each visit I think he’s been partying quite hard with his friends.    Jeanette

This certainly is Five Star luxury for the fur babies. Our kids don't mind at all when we tell them they are going for a holiday with Lynda at the "Resort". Major & Millie even learn some manners while they are there. They come home very well behaved puppies and smell divine. You can count on them being well looked after and the price is great. I highly recommend Lynda and her team.
Kelsey Farlow

I am happy to recommend Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre to anyone looking to board their dog. It is a wonderful service in the Somerset region. From the moment my girl arrives, she starts pulling on the lead to get inside and then once through the gate she never looks back because her friend Posh is there. The kennels are large and always clean and it is great that the dogs have so much room to run around and play together outside. They are washed on arrival and departure day, so my girl is always very happy, healthy and clean when she comes home. Lynda also offers a pick up service, which is very convenient if you cannot actually get to the kennels.  Kirsten Moriarty

As you know I recently had to have treatment in Brisbane for six weeks at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  Our dilemma was what to do with our little Maltese terrier who is a real mummy's girl.  We have tried several kennels for short stays but hadn't been overly impressed.
We asked our local vet who mentioned you so thought it was worth a try.  Needless to say you have been the answer to our prayers.  It was one thing we didn't have to worry about knowing our girl was happy and well looked after.  Getting the regular pictures via email we could see Greta was clean and having a ball playing with the other dogs.  As well we knew she was getting lots of affection which she enjoys.  Picking her up to find her freshly washed and blow-waved was a bonus.  Your being able to provide transport if needed and also your very competitive rates makes this, the ideal place to leave a loved pet.
We would recommend your kennels without a moments’ hesitation and would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for your professionalism and your kindness to both myself and Greta.
Kind regards, Wendy Anderson


We bought our female GS from Kassar kennels in early 2011 and have nothing but high praise for Lynda Friend and Eddie, not only for the standard of dog they breed but for the time she takes to answer the questions of prospective buyers.    

As we have had German shepherds previously, we requested a dog that wasn’t too dominant or high energy.  We got exactly what we were after in our beautiful Freya.  She is calm, with an excellent temperament, intelligent and easily trainable.  She is also excellent around children.  We were particularly concerned re any hip/cruciate  problems and were reassured by the length of time Lynda has been in the breeding business and the excellent testimonials on the Kassar website.  When we had an independent , specialist hip Xray done on Freya at a few months we were further reassured to know that her hips were rated as ‘above average’.   As well, even after purchase, whenever we have had any query, Lynda has always been prompt to answer. 

We have left Freya at Lynda’s Brisbane Valley Kennels for up to three weeks on a number of occasions with the added convenience of Lynda picking up and delivering her to our home.  We know we never have to worry about Freya while she is with Lynda and she always comes home clean, happy and healthy.   The fact that she can run free and play with other dogs most of the time is a huge plus.  We know Freya is having her own fun ‘holiday’ and we can enjoy our own guilt-free.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to Freya’s wonderful nature and temperament is that she has been accepted into a very nice apartment block in the inner city!

We can say with sincerity that we have a fantastic GS from Kassar and have had nothing but excellent service from Lynda.  We are happy to be contacted re the authenticity of our comments.  ...  Jennifer and John

We got our dog Max (Opal Kassaar) From Lynda and Eddie in 2012 when she was 8 weeks old.

Having a small child and wanting to add a German shepherd to our family it was very important to get a dog with an excellent temperament and we certainly got that with Max.

As we had not owned a dog since childhood we found the information pack and all the advice that Lynda provided was invaluable to having a healthy well adjusted dog. Even after we had taken Max home Lynda was happy to answer all our questions (there were a few) and help us whenever we needed.   It was also great advantage to be able to take our puppy home with food, toys, worming, flea and tick treatment which was provided with Max. We were also able to purchase all the things we needed for Max such as a bed, collar, lead, and harness at a very reasonable price.

Everywhere we go we get asked about Max as she is not only a stunning looking dog but also has the most fantastic temperament.  She is now a regular at the dog park, when we first started going some people where a little nervous with such a large dog but soon realized she was a very happy, well adjusted dog and played well with all the dogs, big or small.

After speaking to other people with puppies at the dog park I realized how much Lynda had actually provided us with as I found out a lot of dogs went home from their breeder’s without food or any information on how NOT to have any hip or joint problems as well as all the other things you need to know to have a healthy puppy and avoid health issues later in the dogs life.

Max was only 6 months old when we went on our first holiday. It was such a relief to be able to leave Max with someone that would treat her like their own. I never worried about Max while we where away as I knew she was in safe hands. To my surprise she  actually came back a better behaved dog than when she went in.  The boarding facilities are excellent, the best I have seen.  The dogs all have their own inside and outside area as well as a huge exercise yards. This is a relief when you have a large dog with boundless amounts of energy. Needless to say this will be the only place we board Max when we are on holidays.

When we add our next dog to the family it will definitely be a Kassaar Shepherd  ..  Joyce and Damon Mulcahy

As we are just opening in Brisbane, below are some of the testimonials from our clients in our Townsville Care Centre.

We have been taking our two German Shepherds to Cordelia's since we returned to Townsville and would highly recommend them to anyone. Our dogs are very active, so we wanted to find a good kennel where they would get a lot of exercise. I know they enjoy staying there because of how excited they get when we arrive. It's also great they get to socialize and run around all day with other dogs.

When they get home, I don't have to worry about taking them for a long run as they are tired enough and probably having a little sook because they have no other friends at home. We love the little extras like a bath on arrival and before they leave, nice treats throughout the day, photos with their play mates and some little tips for home - if its training or health, its always great advice. They are always happy to have our dogs, if it's just overnight or a few weeks. Exceptional value for money. - Jess and Roly

I really appreciate the attention to detail that Cordelia Pet Care Centre display. For example, we receive photos of our dog playing during his stay, he gets washed on arrival and departure and Lynda always promptly returns my calls and emails. - Sarah

We are pleased to bring our "kids" to your kennels for the quality of care and the attitude shown by the dogs when we bring them back to your kennels. - Alex and Lorraine

Our dogs had several holidays at Cordelia Pet Care Centre and they have always come back to us just as happy and healthy as when we took them in; whether it had been 3 days or a month. We love to see the photos of their holidays as well. Thanks for always taking good care of our dogs. - Jane and Martin

Pinch is always a little down after her stays in Cordelia Pet Care Centre because she enjoys mixing with the other dogs so much. Staying at Cordelia Pet Care Centre has done an enormous amount for her socialization.

I have recommended Cordelia Pet Care Centre on a number of occasions to friends and work colleagues when asked about where one can place their pets whilst on holidays. I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda and her team, as they looked after our two dogs for 3 months. When we were able to bring them home, they showed signs of being well looked after and loved, clean, healthy and well-fed dogs. I actually think they missed the place when they got home! - Jeff and Robyn

My family and I travel regularly and to that end we often use Lynda and her team to take care of our "child" - our cat Casper. He is always clean, well fed and in great shape when we return. I would have no objection in recommending anybody to use Cordelia to take care of their furry family members. - Sean

I have been boarding my two boys Caesar and Mirko at Cordelia Kennels for about 1 year. I love all the attention they get and all the special treats that the offer. It means a lot to me that the staff greets my boys when I drop them off. I know that my boys are being well cared for when I have to go away on a trip and when I return to pick them up, they are waiting for me smelling and looking very beautiful from their bath. I would highly recommend Cordelia Kennels for anyone who is looking for a safe, friendly, clean place to board their pets. - Ashleigh

We have no problems with recommending Cordelia Pet Care to others. We know that when we are on holiday that Zoe is cared for, happy, kept clean and very well fed. She is always happy and excited when we arrive at Cordelia's to drop her off and loves socializing with he other dogs.

We have been taking our two border collie boys, Banjo and Clancy, to Cordelia Pet Care Centre since they were 7 monhs old. When we first took them there, they were quite timid, and hadn't been very well socialised. The effort put in by Lynda and her staff, and the large group pens where the dogs get to play all day, have been great for their social development and they are now happy, bounding 3-year-olds who want to play with everyone. They always come home happy, healthy and spotlessly clean from a holiday at Cordelia. Cordelia Pet Care Centre is a wonderful holiday for the boys and they love going back to play with their friends each time. - Geoff and Lauren