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    Our "Kassaar" Family

Kassaar Gandolf

DOB : 15-11-2010


Who’s your boy! That would be me. What can I say, just look at me, I speak for myself of course.

I am Huge, Hot and Gorgeous, all those that meet me love me not only for my good looks and my hot body but my charm and personality. Let’s face it I ooze charm, the girls just fall at my feet and so they should! I love cuddles, kisses and a cool moonlit night for a gentle stroll or on a hot day love to swim – my muscles show up better when I am wet.

We also have lots of new additions to the family at the ranch as well as I am now a dad, seriously having kids is hard work, so much fun for such a short time and then kids…….mmm not a lot of fun they are exasperating and apparently I am stuck with them for life……..how the hell does that work. Don’t get me wrong I love to lead them astray..sorry I meant to say love to play with them and show them the ropes so to speak, but then when I am finished playing, really that’s it I am then over them, so really someone else needs to do something with them.

Not sure who to raise this with their mothers or my mum…I think I might have a better shot with their mothers as my mum – well lets face it the rules at the ranch or wherever we are,  ARE WE ALL DO WHATEVER MUM WANTS (even dad although he does not admit it…but we know its true).

There is a bonus of being good with the kids though is that the girls love that I love kids and am so gentle with them, but seriously boys why do we do this……….. to IMPRESS THE GIRLS of course!!!!

Gotta go there is a new girl coming and I can see that new mutt mum and dad bought from overseas eyeing her off. He forgets I was here first and I too am IMPORTED but also I am more IMPORTANT, good looking and YOUNGER …


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