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The joy that Bruisa and Otto brings to our lives is absolutely priceless, they are both so unique with such different personalities.

Bruisa is our girl, she was our first dog from Lynda, Bruisa has the looks of a model! She is always keeping up her appearance by grooming, has such a kind gentle personality.

One year late we decided to double the joy in the backyard and get Otto from Lydna. Otto our boy makes us laugh everyday he is such a scruffy goofball, he also has such a gentle loving nature and likes to be by our side always!! Bruisa is the boss and Otto is our BIG kid!!!

Purchasing our fur babies from Lynda was one of the best decisions we have made, the temperament and loyalty of Bruisa and Otto is what a lot of other dog owners comment on. They are amazing with little kids, other puppies and just about everyone and everything.

The support from Lynda since first purchasing Bruisa has been amazing, and still continues to this day. Lynda is always willing to answer any questions or concerns that I have, she has always just been a phone call way.
Two years later with Bruisa and Otto and I couldn't imagine our lives without them!!! ... Amelia and Josh King

We got our dog Max (Opal Kassaar) From Lynda and Eddie in 2012 when she was 8 weeks old.

Having a small child and wanting to add a German shepherd to our family it was very important to get a dog with an excellent temperament and we certainly got that with Max.

As we had not owned a dog since childhood we found the information pack and all the advice that Lynda provided was invaluable to having a healthy well adjusted dog. Even after we had taken Max home Lynda was happy to answer all our questions (there were a few) and help us whenever we needed.   It was also great advantage to be able to take our puppy home with food, toys, worming, flea and tick treatment which was provided with Max. We were also able to purchase all the things we needed for Max such as a bed, collar, lead, and harness at a very reasonable price.

Everywhere we go we get asked about Max as she is not only a stunning looking dog but also has the most fantastic temperament.  She is now a regular at the dog park, when we first started going some people where a little nervous with such a large dog but soon realized she was a very happy, well adjusted dog and played well with all the dogs, big or small.

After speaking to other people with puppies at the dog park I realized how much Lynda had actually provided us with as I found out a lot of dogs went home from their breeder’s without food or any information on how NOT to have any hip or joint problems as well as all the other things you need to know to have a healthy puppy and avoid health issues later in the dogs life.

Max was only 6 months old when we went on our first holiday. It was such a relief to be able to leave Max with someone that would treat her like their own. I never worried about Max while we where away as I knew she was in safe hands. To my surprise she  actually came back a better behaved dog than when she went in.  The boarding facilities are excellent, the best I have seen.  The dogs all have their own inside and outside area as well as a huge exercise yards. This is a relief when you have a large dog with boundless amounts of energy. Needless to say this will be the only place we board Max when we are on holidays.

When we add our next dog to the family it will definitely be a Kassaar Shepherd  ..  Joyce and Damon Mulcahy

I bought my baby Ralph from Lynda in January 2013. I have never been happier. I did A LOT of researching as to who was a good reputable breeder. I met heaps of different breeders, but when Lynda invited me out to their property just to see how their dogs lived I was more then blown away.

Every dog is treated as a pet, and a spoilt pet at that. Her dogs are treated better then i've ever seen. As soon as I got there I knew these people are good. Good to their dogs and good to people. After I left I let her know I want one of your puppies. The best choice i've ever made.

Then Ralph was born, Lynda informed me immediately, let me know how he was doing from day dot. She kept me updated on his progress and I was allowed to visit him when I wanted till he was ready to come home. But the support didn't stop there. She sent me home with so much information and guidance that I was so confident with him. She called and emailed me to check see how he was and how I was going and if I needed any help or support she was there. I still send photos and updates and she loves hearing about her dogs. Ralph is the best dog he has the best temperament and loves a cuddle not to mention is just stunning. His worst trait is probably that he thinks he is a lap dog. His hip xray says he has the best hips ever! I'm so happy I found a breeder who loves german shepherds as much as I do.

They breed healthy german shepherds and temperament is very important.  I would and have recommended kassar german shepherds to everyone. I couldn't be happier and I will continue to use them in the future.  ...  Emily

Just over two years ago we purchased our first German Shepherd from Lynda and Eddie at Kassaar German Shepherds.  Before we even brought her home Lynda was sending us pictures of our puppy as she grew to 8 weeks of age.

When it came time to take her home, Lynda took us through all necessary paperwork and important information we needed to give our new puppy the best start in life - including a starter pack of food, worming and flea treatments and even toys!  Everything was thought of and was a great comfort to have.

Whenever we needed advice along the way Lynda was always available and more than happy to help.  You can tell she genuinely cares for all of her dogs and her ongoing, unfailing support is a testament to that.

Needless to say when it came time to add another addition to our home we always knew we would go back to Kassaar.  We welcomed home our second beautiful German Shepherd seven months ago.  Both our girls are healthy, happy dogs and have beautiful temperaments.  We are often stopped when we are out and about by people who are admiring our dogs and are always more than happy to recommend Lynda and Eddie at Kassaar.

We still need a little help every now and then and it's comforting to know Lynda is only a phone call away.  The service she has provided over the years has not changed and we know she will always be available for advice in the years to come. ... Karen Pitman and Mark McQuillan

In December 2010 we had the pleasure of purchasing a mature age German Shepherd Kassaar Baxter from Lynda and Eddie. From our initial contact with Kassaar German Shepherds we found Lynda and Eddie to be extremely professional and helpful. When we went to visit the kennels to see if we were suitable for the dog and the dog suitable for us, we were extremely impressed with the temperament and quality of the Kassaar dogs. The environment for the dogs was very clean and well organized, with all dogs appearing very happy, healthy and loved.

Upon purchasing Baxter, Lynda did a great job of explaining flea/tick treatment, worming, vaccinations, specialized dietary requirements, healthy weight range and grooming requirements. We also went through the registration papers, pedigree and associated paperwork. Lynda also explained the ear tattoo, hip and elbow schemes, breed surveying and Dogs Queensland.

When bringing our dog home, Lynda provided food and treats to get Baxter settled in and kept in contact with us to make sure we did not have any problems. Lynda has since reminded us of when his vaccinations are due and has been extremely helpful with any enquires we have had. We would sincerely recommend Kassaar German Shepherds to family and friends and they would be our first and only choice for any future German Shepherd purchases.

After 25 years involvement with German Shepherds in obedience, showing, agility and tracking we feel the future for German Shepherds in Australia is in very good hands due to people like Lynda and Eddie and the quality of the dogs they breed with outstanding temperaments. What started out as a German Shepherd enquiry to Kassaar German Shepherds, we would now call Lynda and Eddie our friends! ... Graham and Jane Hennessy

In January of 2009 my partner, Danielle Knip, and I purchased a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy named Nova from Linda Friend at Kassaar German Shepherds. I would like to offer this as a letter of reference to the quality of service and dog that we received from Lynda. We had visited numerous breeders and Lynda stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Not only did she provide us with all the pertinent information on raising and caring for a puppy, but it was very obvious that she took her responsibilities as a breeder very seriously. She made it very clear that the well being of her dogs was her top priority, both before and after they moved into new homes. The first thing Lynda did was tour us around her property and show us where her dogs lived.

We met all of her dogs - the ones she was breeding, new litters, and her personal dogs - which gave us a great idea of the quality of dog we could expect from her. She went over all of the things we should be aware of when buying and owning a German Shepherd: health risks like hip dysplasia and how to minimize those risks, behavioral issues and how to properly train our puppy, and even gave us advice on warning signs to look for in other breeders should we decide to get a puppy elsewhere. She was an absolute wealth of information before we had even looked at a single puppy. When we picked up Nova Lynda gave us a puppy pack. This contained all of his vaccinations which were all up to date and properly documented.

It contained a comprehensive lineage of his sire and dam, copies of the papers for them both including their health scores and all of their relevant information on where they had come from. He had been micro chipped and tattooed and those numbers and documentation were also included in the puppy pack as well. She also included detailed guidelines on what to feed our puppy, how to exercise him, and lots of general information about the German Shepherd breed. Along with the above information she included some puppy toys, treats, premium dog food, and grooming tools. As a pair of first-time dog owners this pack was absolutely invaluable to us. Lynda guaranteed his general health and hips for 12 months providing we agreed to not let him run up and down stairs, not let him jump in an out of cars/utes, avoid excessive exercise, and keep his weight within an acceptable range.

I am happy to report that we followed her guidelines and were rewarded with perfect hips when Nova was x-rayed at 12 months. Lynda continued to offer her support throughout our ownership of Nova. She was our first point of contact whenever we had any questions and helped us with everything from how to properly remove a tick to arranging international transport for Nova during our recent move from Australia to Canada. I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from Lynda. We constantly get praised about our dog - his temperament, looks, and general health and I always credit Lynda. In my opinion, she should be the standard to which other breeders are held in order to ensure excellence in the profession. ... Danielle Knip and Darryl Halse

In 2010 we lost our German Shepherd 'Duke'. I was given Duke from Margaret Phillips the GSDC Vic rehoming officer. He was our 5th GSD all but one came from rescue. Throughout my life I have adopted rescue dogs of all breeds, but over the last 30 yrs my preference has been for the GSD. I have taken dogs into our home that were abused caged, bashed had no socialisation with dogs or people. I have spent many years training and giving these dogs a chance to live well adjusted lives with the basic skills to become a valued and loved member in a family environment.

I have studied the breed from its early developement, met many breeders and owners of these dogs. I do not support anyone selling dogs from a puppy farm, and have always tried to convince prospective owners not to go to these unscrupulous sellers. I had had 3 years of bad luck with rescue shepherds, Axel with a brain tumour and Duke with a neurotic behavioural problem which in the end after 2 yrs of trying I could not manage his unpredictable nature.

There was a big hole in my heart after having spent so much time and effort with the 2 prev shepherds, I felt it was now time to find a dog I had always wanted, so I commenced to look around Australia, most of the breeders I contacted did not understand the difficulties of controlling very dominant breeds placed out of their family pack environment. All but 2 failed. I am not alone in this belief and it is backed by very experienced people.

I also commented on the conformation of many of the GSD bred and how wrong they were and how right they were prior to the release from Germany. Based on my knowledge I could only find 2 breeders in Australia who met all my selection criteria,, a breeder at Seaspray in Vic., and Kassaar German Shepherds in Esk Queensland. Owned by Lynda Friend and Edwin Verhoef. Every question I asked regrding their business and dogs was what what I had long wished for, a Breeder of exceptional dogs with superb temperaments, scocial skills, intelligence and conforming to the standards for this breed. I was not looking for a show dog but a dog who would give me the company and pleasure of ownership to be expected from a top breeder and a sound well balanced calm dog. Ilse is not a barker. I asked a lot of questions as the choice had to be 100% correct, it was.

Arkku Go-Go arrived in Melbourne, accompanied with a professionally bound manuscript with all documentation beautifully bound and presented.  Her Certificate of Pedigree Registration, her parents with extensive family provenance, letters from the GSD Councuil of Australia, VCA Reg., Diet information, flea and tick control heartworm, vaccination dates, washing, nail clipping, desexing now done, which Lynda agreed with my sentiments on this issue, training, exercise, breakfast the list is endless and packed with information you would only get froma professional intelligent conciencious breeder. There is much information on how to raisea GSD Puppy.

The file also contains history of the breed. I have an extensive library on the GSD and also collect the early art and information on the pre war dogs.

Ilse formally Arkku Go-Go is the best all round Shepherd I have owned, and the relationship with Lynda all her help patience and asssitance has been very much appreciated and a pleasure to deal with. She arrived washed and spotless.

I could not recommend Lyndas dogs and business more highly.

Our next GSD will come from Kassaar. ... From Nigel Wiley (I am half owner of the Arkku prefix as well)