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    Relax in the pools on those hot days

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Zandrac Electric Heart

DOB : 31-12-2014


Hello there, 

My mum has asked me to write a small blurb about myself.

I love to play, I play all day and never get tired.   Which is my favourite game....there are too many to name, I love playing with toys or having my brothers and sisters chase me when i have a toy, playing chasey and wrestles are also high on the list.  But if i have to say my favourite thing in the world to do other than getting hugs and kisses from mum and dad is playing with water.  I am I admit infatuated with water, be it chasing the hose, playing the in sprinklers, playing in the doggy pools, swimming in the dam or just trying to catch the rain drops.

I love all other breeds of dogs as long as they will play with me.  Mum actually introduces me to dogs that board at our kennels who dont have a friend or are a bit scared of other dogs as i bring them all out of their shell and within 5 minutes have them running and playing with me.   It is a knack that I have I can entice anyone into a game!!!!

I am not sure if there is anything else I am supposed to tell you.  So I am going to leave you now as mum is filling up the pools and I can here the water calling my name.

Cya later


Hatto Vom Huhnegrab
Zandrac The Razors Edge