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Kassaar Wiesa Puppies

DOB : 10-02-2020


Well a lot has happened in the last few months.   Kassaar Murdoch and I thought we would take our friendship one step further and started dating.  We then got the official news I was pregnant.  We proudly welcomed our babies into the world on 10 February, 2020.   We have 8 happy and very vocal young bubs -  3 boys and 5 girls.

I can already see that they are going to have their fathers and my lovely black and red/tan colouring, which I am very happy about I would have liked a touch more masking on my face.

The kids are already nice and chunky so I am thinking that they are going to be quite substantial puppies. 

If they are anything like their dad and myself the will be outgoing, happy bubbly puppies who just enjoy life and will love to play and are infatuated with water.

My babies will be due to go home 6th April, 2020.

Murdy and I are looking for some fantastic forever homes for our children, we want them to go to homes where they are part of the family and they get to do lots of things with their new family.  If you think you would love one of our babies as much as we do and that they would be an integral part of your family, please give Lynda a call on 07 5423 2575 to discuss how you go about getting one of our babies.

Anyway I can hear the kids have just woken up and are wanting to be fed so I had better go.


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