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Jaska Vom Ersten Platz

DOB : 29-07-2006


Hi I am Jaska and I am currently flying on my way to Australia after meeting my new man for a dirty weekend as they say!!!! Boy was he hot, not very romantic but that is men for you!!

I know my mother and father are now waiting with bated breath to see if I have fallen pregnant. I know that this is what they want, but me on the other hand cannot see an upside to getting a big bum, big stomach, tits hanging down around my knees with ferral little pups doing nothing but sucking on them and using their claws to scratch my stomach…..not sure who’s idea of fun that would be.

The only benefit I can see is that I will get to live in the house while waiting for puppies to be born, get extra food, lots of meat and milk and be made a huge fuss of…….oh and I won’t have to run around the show ring which is always a bonus.

Mind you I do like the show ring only as I like to win, so I know the day will come when I have to go out and show the Aussie girls how its done!! (winning that is). Once I have shown them how it is done I intend to retire where I plan on lazing around and do nothing except look good.

I think that being such a well travelled female that I should be treated with a certain amount of respect and obviously that would mean I don’t want to have to run around a show ring and work up a sweat!! Ladies of quality should never over exert oneself, be seen panting in public. Ladies must always show total decorum that represents their station in life, and lets face it I am of royal standard!!

It will be great to catch up with my old mate Zana as I have not seen her for a few years and we can fill each other in on all the gossip from back home in Europe. Boy have I got some stories to tell her about what has been happening over here.

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