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Bruangie Golden Dust

DOB : 30-07-2001


I am Gina, I used to live in Adelaide but now reside in Brisbane. I regularly used to attend shows and if I say so myself I was pretty good at it. I used to regularly be on the pegs as they say.

I love to work but as much as I would like to get out with the girls in Queensland you will not see me in the ring for a while as I am about to have puppies. I have finally decided that my daughter Yannie is now old enough to have a younger brother or sister. So on the basis that I can get my figure back after this tribe I am hoping to see most of you in the ring either at the national in 2011 or just after.

Mind you if my new puppies play up when they enter the show ring it will not be my fault I will be putting the blame squarely at the feet of their father (whether he likes it or not!!) lets face it I am the female and as such I cannot do anything wrong, cannot be blamed for anything as I am perfect and he is after all only male…which equates to all that is wrong must be his fault!!! Mind you I would not mind if one of my sons looks like or takes after his father as he is a very nice specimen of flesh (oops sorry I meant to say dog), better watch what I say in case I want to hook up again with him sometime in the future.

Oh well I think it is time for a nap, I am getting very fat so if I pant a bit louder I am sure that the servant (oops I mean mum) will come and give me a nice cold bowl of milk and egg, so I will chat to you all later.


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