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Bruangie Tatiana

DOB : 14-05-2009


Hi I am Yannie I have moved with my mum to Queensland. Must say I think this could be fun. I have already met a girl called Go Go and I can tell you already that she is going to be my best friend. Mind you she does nothing but play all day long. I used to think I was full on and I know that my prior owners would agree. But Go Go I am sure has ADD but hey so do I (I just don’t think mine is as bad as hers!!!).

Unfortunately for me and Go Go besides the two 12 week old pups in the yard we are the youngest and smallest, so apparently that means we are supposed to be at the bottom of the pecking order and listen to the old farts (sorry of course I meant to say the adult dogs) but hey lets face it….its a new era and I think that the oldies will soon learn that it is the young up and coming girls that will soon rule the roost…..

Ooops better go Sharni is looking at me strangley……..hope she can’t read this or my mind otherwise I might have to run very quickly…….mum, mum where are you I may need some help here, I may have offended someone!!!!


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