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Kassaar Lori

DOB : 18-12-2011


Well hello there, my name is Lori.

I have been asked to do a short blurb about myself, not really sure what to say, I am not a conceited as some of my brothers or sisters.

I think the thing everyone remembers after meeting me is how much I love to play all day with anyone – animal or human, love cuddles and kisses from my mum, still love to hang out with my real mum – Yannie. I am also very sweet and loving and have the ability to look like an absolute princess and boy have I got “the butter would not melt in my mouth” look down pat!

When I was but a whelp I entered the show ring and my first major show the GSD National – I was on the pegs!!!! (that means in the top 10) not am easy feat, but even harder when I was one of the youngest in the class.

Since then I have shown my mum and dad that I am more valuable being a stay at home mum and ensuring that my kids get lots of attention, have well manners and know how to act like well behaved kids.  The amount of work in doing this is incredible especially as they seem to have my grandmother Gina’s and my mothers’ Yannie genes they love to run amoke, cause havoc oohh and the digging – seriously you need a hole the size of a Olympic swimming pool ask anyone of my kids – they are experts!!!!

But I have to say I love being a mum and being with my kids and the rest of the extended family, and I do add a sense of gentle calm.

Well I am off to see what my terrible twosome are doing - Vesta and Varl.  You can't take your eyes off them for a minute !!!

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