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Versace Vom Ersten Platz

DOB : 05-03-2009


I know there are a lot of you out there that have heard about me but never met me. I arrived in Queensland, Australia nearly a year ago, but I have to say I came from sub zero temperatures (our winter season) and arrived middle of your summer season. They say the motto for this place perfect one day brilliant the next…….mmm I have another slogan should have been absolutely sweltering one day and #8!* how can it possibly get hotter!!! Hence it has taken me a long time to acclimatise.

My new home and my mum and dad are lovely. They treat me like a GOD, and so they should. So I must admit I have enjoyed having time off from the show ring as I had a prolific show career overseas and let me tell you if I did not win I was still on the podium – and lets face it if I did not win the judge was blind!!!

So for the last year I have just been lazing around relaxing and spending time with my new family and the girls…ohh my god I have to say the girls in this country are really quite stunning.   Needless to say I am making sure I do the rounds and get all the hot girls numbers.

Some I must admit my smooching did lead further and hence I now have a lot of heirs/heiress’s running around. Mind you not sure how to get the kids to listen to me they just seem to ignore me.

This year though I am planning on going back in the show ring.  I previously was breed surveyed overseas – obviously got the highest grading available, and have now repeated the process here in Australia.  Again, highest grading available I got my Breed Survey Class 1 status in Australia.

So now I am going to enter the show ring here and show the Australian dogs – particularly the boys – how it’s done, especially my new younger Step-brother Gandolf who thinks he is the greatest thing that ever graced the planet. So I definitely need put him in his place. Especially as there seem to be a lot of females fawning all over him…seriously I am the hot new European Male.

I am off it seems like mum has just brought home and new girl…better go introduce myself before you know who sees her!


Luv ya


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