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Vel Satis Vom Ersten Platz

DOB : 11-12-2003


You have looked me up so you know who I am. No bloody idea why I have to write some blurb for people to read.

I come from overseas, did very well in the ring over their came to Australia got my championship points and have now retired from the show ring. I am enjoying laying around in the sun and relaxing, pulling the younger kids into line, when they push it too far and guiding them in the world. Let’s face it I have been around for a while so I bloody know what I am talking about.

Yes there are some new younger upstarts in the yard that think that they can knock the old king of his throne so to speak…but seriously that is not going to happen, I am very happy on my throne and have no intention of giving it up to some little whippersnapper.

Also if and when I deem to stand down, you can guarantee it will be one of my descendants that takes my place!!!

Saxon, Grimous and I have a mutual respect for each other, but that could just be and old fart thing…we actually enjoy watching Gandolf and Chicco prancing up and down and trying to prove to each other and anyone else watching who is the best, seriously they are both kids and need to pull their heads in and take note from the big boys---------and lets face it I am definitely a BIG BOY!!!
Oooh mum just brought in a hot new chick better go and show her what a real man looks like!


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