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Kassaar Posh

DOB : 10-11-2012


~~Hi my name is Posh, I like to think it is because I am a classy girl, who likes the finer things in life.
My main aim in life is to have fun.  I play all day long and only stop to eat, get cuddles and go to bed.  My mum tells me she should have called me pandemonium….not sure why!!!!
I luv everyone, humans, dogs (even other dogs like jack russells etc, one of my favourite friends is Miss Halo a staffy who comes and stays with us) but I luv my mum Kirra most of all.  Although there are times when I look at her I am not sure the feeling if reciprocated.  Some days I think she does not want all my kisses and snuggles….but oh well life is tuff she will just have to suck it up.  I am the only one of her kids left at home so as such she just has to put up with me.  Grandad – Esko however loves it when I jump all over him and give him kisses (he is a big softie under that huge exterior).
My other mum however does give the best cuddles and kisses – however not after I have either destroyed the hose trying to find where the water went or after I re-landscape the front yard, not sure why I am only trying to help her.
Anyway I am off I see one of the staff did not wind hose up properly and I hear it calling my name.

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