• Catch up with old friends

    Catch up with old friends

  • Relax in the pools on those hot days

    Relax in the pools on those hot days

  • Get involved in the games  like frisby

    Get involved in the games like frisby

  • Make new friends

    Make new friends

  • Our "Kassaar" Family

    Our "Kassaar" Family

Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre - Cat Accommodation

Our cattery has 24-hour music and accommodation for up to 150 cats. While we do have individual cages that have two levels as well as we are in the process of having constructed our new family cages for the multiple cat familes.

The cattery also includes a large play area where your cat can play freely, just as if your pet was at home. We are also in the process of building our new outside "cat adventure" area which will be fully screened, with grass, tree trunks for climbing or lazying on while enjoying the views.

The cattery is cleaned twice daily and is air-conditioned for those too hot days and nights. As an added bonus, while your cat is enjoying their stay, we will feed only premium cat foods and treats.

Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre - Dog Accommodation

Our dog accommodation includes 12 large, exercise yards. We believe in providing accommodation with jumbo kennel runs to ensure that your puppy can spend the majority of the day running free in the yards, playing in the wading pools, digging in the sand pits or just lying in the sun.

Of course, we also provide the perfect surrounds for the less social canine or those who need a little time on their own. The kennels also have 24-hour music playing and daily cleaning. During their stay we will only feed premium dog foods and treats to your best friend.

What is so special about Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre?

As owners of pets, we understand that it is hard to leave your best friend from time to time; however, your favourite pet will be treated as one of the family while they stay with us. The feeding of premium quality pet food, treats twice a day, plenty of exercise and freedom and daily cuddles from us will ensure your pet will enjoy every moment.

Retail Outlet for Your Pets

Cat and Dog Products

We have also now opened a retail outlet for the selling of pet products and food.

What ever you want for your pet no matter how exclusive the products is we can get it.
... and we are usually 30-60% cheaper than vets and pet shops.

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