• Catch up with old friends

    Catch up with old friends

  • Relax in the pools on those hot days

    Relax in the pools on those hot days

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    Get involved in the games like frisby

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    Make new friends

  • Our "Kassaar" Family

    Our "Kassaar" Family


Cat Boarding at Brisbane Pet Care Centre

Unlike most kennels we do not charge higher fees during peak times including Christmas, Easter or Public Holidays etc.  Our fees remain unchanged all year round.

Our normal fees are:

* $21.00 per calendar day

  • All cats get their own cage which is 2 levels but if you want they can share with another cat who they maybe friendly with but that is at the owners request.    We are also in the process of having our new jumbo cages built for the larger cat family.
  • The cats also once they have settled in get to run free in either the free internal play area where lets face it they do what they usually do ….sleep!!!  However for the hotter months the cattery is fully air conditioned so once again your pet can laze around sleeping but in total comfort or they can run free in the external play area, which has real grass, trees to climb and exert as much engergy as they want, or just find a nice spot to survey the wildlife passing by, or snooze in the fresh air.
  • Cats usually get chicken necks or wings once a day and the other treat looks like a dog liver treat but is made of sardines and fish and is for cats (most cats love it!!).
  • They also get dry biscuits every morning once again only premium – Nutro, Eukinbua etc and dinner is wet food – sometimes cooked chicken or fish other times can food (for variety) but premium foods only.
  • Our kennels/cattery only provide premium foods and snacks.
  • Cats also need to have the standard vaccinations in place and once again if they have not been done in a while need to be done at least two weeks prior to boarding.  All vets do their certificates slightly different.  If you are unsure please ring vet now and clarify to ensure you have minimum F3 vaccination and all up to date. If you are looking at boarding a kitten please note that you need to have had all three vaccinations completed at least two weeks prior to booking.
  • The cattery has 24hr music playing and has heaps of toys/scratch posts etc to keep the more lively or young at heart entertained. Further under construction at thye moment is our new outdoor (fully screened) play area which will have grass to relax on trees to climb.
  • We are also able to dispense any medications that you pet may need.
  • If a cat arrives covered in fleas and Ticks then the animal may be refused.
  • Cats  that are found to have fleas will be treated with either Capstar, Frontline Plus and or Advantix and the cost of the treatment will be charged to your account.
  • If your cat has a worm infestation, then again your pet will be treated with a deworming medication and the cost of the treatment will be charged to your account.
  • Some animals may have an adverse reaction to various medications/treatments if you are aware of any that cause issues please let one of our friendly staff know and we will note it on their file.   Also if you inform us what treatments you currently use we can also note this.

Book Early

If you are wishing to book in your animal over a peak period we suggest you book early we can be fully booked at least 6 months prior to Christmas. Any animals being boarded over peak periods will need to have a deposit paid to hold their spot. However if the booking is cancelled at least 21 working days prior to their stay it is fully refundable.

You will be given a date by which you deposit needs to be paid to hold the booking

Our opening hours are as follows:-

  • Monday to Friday by appointment only
  • Saturday by appointment only
  • Sunday by appointment only
  • Public Holidays times vary and will be advised upon booking.

Cattery for Ottaba, Esk, Brisbane Valley, Ipswich, Toogoolawa, Biara, Fernvale, Lowood, Gatton, Cominya, Rosewood, Harlin and Kilcoy.

If you would like to book online click here »


All photos here are from our prior cattery in Townsville as the new cattery in Brisbane is currently being finished. 
Photos of the new cattery will be up shortly. 
Our new cages are far bigger and fancier and it is all brand new.   
Watch this space!!!