• Catch up with old friends

    Catch up with old friends

  • Relax in the pools on those hot days

    Relax in the pools on those hot days

  • Get involved in the games  like frisby

    Get involved in the games like frisby

  • Make new friends

    Make new friends

  • Our "Kassaar" Family

    Our "Kassaar" Family

Gallery Cats

Brisbane Valley Pet Care Centre - Cattery - Photo Gallery

Our catter is spacious and beautifully appointed for even the most disterning feline. 

Our cattery has 24 hour music and has reverse cylcel airconditioning.  Making lovely and warm in the cold months and nice and cool in the hot summer months ensuring the comfort of your pet 24 hours a day all year round.

Our guests have their own 2 level accommodation.  However the cattery also includes a large indorr free area where your cat can play freely, just as if they were at home it has climbing poles, toys, and you guesed it.....couches for one to laze upon or sharpen ones claws.  There are many places to either play or catch up with friends.

WE also have the magnificient outside "cat adventure playground" which is fully screened, has a large undercover pergola area with cement flooring, as well as a large grass area, with tree trunks for climbing and scratching, as well as vearious areas to laze on while enjoying the view and checking out the natural wildlife.  They spend hours watching the wildlife go by and trying to work out how they could actually get out and catch some.  But don't worry the place is like Alcatraz....except there has never been an escapee!!!!

The cattery is cleaned at least twice a day.  We only feed preimium cat foods and treats and all cats get loves of cuddles and attention.

Cats must have a minimum of F3 vaccinations up to date and all kittens must have had all their kitten vaccinations.